ALL PAYMENTS ARE PREFERRED TO BE MADE AT TIME OF REGISTRATION. Internet banking can also be used, provided all payments are received prior to 14th April, unless otherwise agreed. No cash payments will be accepted.

Account Name: Christchurch Football Club Incorporated 

Account Number: 06-0996-0749985-00

Ref: Player Last Name, Initial & Grade (e.g. Smith J, U8)

Single Sub + Photo - $135

2 Player Family Sub +2 Photo - $225

3 Player Family Sub +3 Photo - $305

We want all families who are keen and able to be part of our wonderful CFC Family.  We appreciate that finances are sometimes a struggle and if you would like to arrange to pay by installments or considered for support via our CFC Red & Black Fund, please contact cfcjuniors@christchurchpark.co.nz in confidence.