The Axemens Club

What is the Axemens Club?

The Axemens Club operates as an independent group within the Christchurch Football Club (Inc). In 1990 it was formed to provide:

  • A continued sense of belonging and purpose to those members whose playing days have ended. Regrettably, in many cases such valued members are not seen regularly until some years later when a son, nephew or grandson commences playing rugby at the Christchurch Football Club. The desire is to retain our ex-players by providing another team environment with those of common interest & situation
  • An opportunity for new members to the Christchurch Football Club to meet fellow Axemen and to feel both welcome and comfortable enjoying the membership of the Club and all it offers
  • The opportunity to support and encourage Christchurch Football Club rugby from the junior club through to the senior side. This can range from an active coaching or managing role, administration through to pure support
  • The opportunity to meet with fellow Axemen at various rugby orientated luncheons, held in the fine facilities our Club enjoys, prior to watching a local or provincial game as well as to be informed and entertained by a guest speaker
  • The opportunity to continue to contribute to the well-being of the Christchurch Football Club by sponsoring various projects within the Club (some examples follow), to actively seek new players/members and to generally be an ambassador for both the Axemens and Christchurch Football Clubs

Join the Axemen

Since the formation in 1990, apart from the camaraderie and enjoyment experienced by all Axemen who attend the various functions, practical assistance has been given to the Christchurch Football Club, including:

  • Video equipment
  • Electronic scoreboard
  • Sail cloth over outdoor BBQ area
  • Big screen projector
  • Christmas Dinners & luncheons
  • Digitisation of Club Photos
  • Digitisation of club minutes, documents and newsletters (See More)
  • Assistance with the Canardlys playground
  • Installation of the defibrillator
  • After home game savouries
  • A table reserved for the Axemen in the clubrooms

It is the intention to continue with such projects in consultation with the Executive of the Christchurch Football Club.

Who qualifies for membership of the Axemen Club?

Any person who feels they can support the purpose of the Axemen Club and who want to contribute to and enjoy the fellowship of fellow Axemen, provided that the number of Axemen does not, at any given time, exceed the number of years since the Christchurch Football was established in 1863.

Who runs the Axemen Club?

The Club is properly administered by the annual election of an executive consisting of Chairman,  Trustees, Treasurer & Secretary.

What does it cost to become and Axeman?

The current annual membership fee is $100.00 and entitles you to all of the following advantages:

  • General membership (non-playing) of the Christchurch Football Club with full voting rights
  • An exclusive Axemen tie
  • Regular events
  • A clearly identified Axemen table in the Clubrooms where fellow Axemen can meet and greet. This is most helpful in making new members feel both welcome and comfortable in our Club environment
  • Business networking opportunites

How do I join?

Please enquire with any of the executive about membership when next in the Clubrooms. Look for their easily identifiable table! You can also fill in the form here and we will contact you about becoming a member.

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